I’m a native Iowan. I thought I would live forever in Northeast Iowa until life brought me to Des Moines for law school in 2013. I also thought I’d forever be an only child until my mother remarried and I became the youngest sister to two older sisters and an older brother (we decided from the beginning there are no “steps” in our family). On Christmas Day 2015, I gained my proudest title to date: Aunt. My niece has become the centerpiece of our blended family and has shifted my focus toward more family-oriented activities and gatherings in my free time. While I no longer live in Cedar Rapids, you can usually find me there at our family cabin, or with my dad who, after 27 years, still enthusiastically obliges when I ask him to teach me his talent — playing guitar.

I graduated from Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids with an associate of arts degree and a paralegal certificate, then from the University of Iowa in Iowa City with my bachelor of science in political science, then from Drake University Law School in Des Moines with my juris doctorate. I was admitted to practice law in Iowa in 2017. My dedication to the legal profession is nearly a decade old and my commitment to helping others has been lifelong.

I worked in law firms while obtaining my undergraduate and graduate education. During that time, I helped those who were hurting, gave advice from a place of true compassion and celebrated the successes clients who became the best version of themselves while striving to overcome their hardships. I want you to know I will sit with you and listen. I will offer you support and sound advice, and I will be there to celebrate your successes.

My favorite question to ask a client is, “What are your overall goals?” I believe it’s important to set goals at the beginning, not only for what you ultimately want to achieve but also for how you want to maintain integrity throughout the process.