About You

You are the one thing in life you can control. You are capable. You drive the bus.


Mediating Party 


You are in the middle of a difficult divorce. Or you are contemplating divorce. Or some other dispute brings you here. You may have never been through a mediation, or maybe you’ve never heard of it. Check out our resources where you can learn about what to expect and how to get the most out of the process. You will appreciate feeling prepared on the day of mediation. 




You smooth things out for other people for a living. It’s nice when things go smoothly for you, too. You can say goodbye to the clumsy old ways of mediation scheduling and preparation. At Goldfinch, the parties have resources at their fingertips designed to help them show up prepared. And you enjoy a streamlined booking process, saving time and money for everybody. And you’re more available for the heart of the work because we ease the burden of the rest of it.




You understand the value of an efficient process. You’re ready to take a small step to improve your practice. Goldfinch charges no booking fee, and clients show up prepared, so your client saves money.  Your client can poke around our prep materials and assuage their nerves and learn about the process. You can find quality mediators and enjoy the automated booking process, and feel good about it.




At Goldfinch Mediation, you can expect respect. We love what we do, and we are always growing. Whoever you are, make yourself at home, and feel free to connect with us.